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Poor Kelsey

Posted by Bob on June 27, 2003

In Reply to: Kelsey's Balls posted by Carol on June 27, 2003

: : : Can anyone tell me what the meaning of the saying, " About as useful as Kelsey's balls," means? I have heard it said many times, but no one seems to know where the saying comes from. Thank you. Carol

: : Could it be that Kelsey Grammer - the award winning comedy actor is also famously impotent? I think we should be told.

: The saying has been around for many years, my husbands Grandfather used to say something similiar to it.. he said, tighter than Kelsey's balls.

Kelsey is pretty adaptable, I guess. I've heard it as Kelsey's balls, and Kelsey's nuts (perhaps more often in that form) ... but there seems to be a wide divergence in what it is that afflicted the appendages of the unfortunate and probably mythical Kelsey. I've heard "as useless as..." "as cold as..." "colder than..." and "tighter than..." Given that disagreement over the diagnosis, one must conclude that the phrase is fun to say, so you can stick just about anything on the beginning, and get away with it. "As lugubrious as Kelsey's nuts" perhaps? (And yes, it's older than Mr. Grammer and whatever condition he may or may not have.)