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Posted by Shae on June 24, 2003

In Reply to: Ahhh posted by Gary on June 24, 2003

: : : : I am almost certain this is wrong but I feel duty bound to report this. Friends I spent the weekend say they have been told that "Naf" or possibly "naaf" is (*cringe*) an acromym for "not at all fashionable".

: : : : I know the acronym theories are usually rubbish, and it would have to be naaf for this to make any sense at all BUT there IS a line of French clothing called Naf Naf. I shrug my shoulders.

: : : : Camel
: : : : (in possibly her worst contribution to date)

: : : The word is 'naff,' so your friends' explanation seems doubtful.

: : : NAFF: Unstylish, clichéd, or outmoded. British slang, C19. Possibly back slang for 'fan,' short for 'fanny.' Various dictionaries.

: :
: : I suspected as much. Actually, your definition is an advance on previoius naff discussions in the archive, so I'm glad I asked. Thanks.

: I have a Neff oven (really) and it is hopeless. You can imagine what it is known as.

I was tempted to say I have a really cool oven, but I won't.