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Dumb as a door knob.

Posted by TheFallen on June 24, 2003

In Reply to: Dumb as a door knob. posted by Emily C. on June 23, 2003

: Has anyone heard or used the phrase 'Dumb as a door knob"? What are it's origins, I can't find anything?!

: Also, along the same lines, what is the origin of using the term 'knob' to describe someone, such as "He walked right into the steel post, what a knob!"?

: Thanks.

I've heard "dumb as a door-knob" used before, though over here in the UK we'd be more likely to say "thick as two short planks". As for origins, I'm really not sure why a door-knob is considered more particularly stupid than any other inanimate object.

As to your second question (and it'll be hard to phrase this one delicately), it's British slang. Calling someone a knob in that way also highlights the target's stupidity, but the knob in question is definitely not to be found on a door - instead it refers to the male genital organ, many slang terms for which are used as dismissive insults. You'll also hear the term "knob end" used in exactly similar fashion.