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Posted by ESC on June 23, 2003

BLING, BLING-BLING -- ".bling-bling, a reference to elaborate jewelry and clothing, and the appreciation of it." From "Bling-bling" makes new Oxford dictionary," June 7, 2003. Accessed June 23, 2003.
"The phrase was created by rap artist Baby Gangsta (aka BG), who grew up poor in New Orleans and soon began rapping about escaping inner-city poverty and earning respect by acquiring material goods. It was the song's chorus that burned 'bling-bling' into the American consciousness: Everytime I come around yo city/ Bling-bling/ Pinky ring worth about fifty/ Bling-bling." From "Not for bling-bling, OED is facing a revamp," by Andrew Guy Jr., Houston Chronicle. Posted on Sun, Jun. 15, 2003. Accessed June 23, 2003. "The Queen Bee necklace is a signature piece of bling that Kim has worn in several videos, fashion shoots, and during performances." "Someone Steals Lil' Kim's Bling-Bling," June 23, 2003. Accessed June 23, 2003.