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Ominous conjunctions

Posted by TheFallen on May 02, 2003

In Reply to: Its all down hill from here posted by James Briggs on May 02, 2003

: : : Does this mean that it's going to get harder or better?
: : : I thought that it menat its going to get worse, but I am not sure.

: : My opinion: it could mean either depending on the context. If the speaker is finishing a difficult task, "down hill" would mean the hard part is finished. If the person has gone through a pleasant experience and says "It's all down hill from now" it means he's had a peak experience and nothing can match it.

: I see that we both posted at exactly the same time, and we both agreed!

Both? BOTH? Anyway, two triples in the space of less than fifteen minutes. It must be an omen.