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Cache and cachet

Posted by TheFallen on April 13, 2003

In Reply to: Cache posted by Bob on April 13, 2003

: : : In the last few days I've heard several news commentators talk about a *cache* of weapons,
: : : pronouncing 'cache' as 'cash-A'. This pronunciation is wrong, yes? Should they be saying
: : : 'cache for' rather than 'cache of'?

: : They are indeed mispronouncing it. A cache is a hiding place for or a store of something hidden (at least according to the Americn Heritage Dictionary) so 'cache of' and 'cache for' are both appropriate

: : The errors in pronunciation committed by Americans in general are depressing: "cutter" for Qtar, "eye-rack" for Iraq, "al kayder" for "Al Qaeda". I know it's not always possible to pronounce non-English names like a native but it seems to me they ought to be reasonable facsimile.

: Unfortunately, we Americans are led by a man who mispronounces half the words his ventriloquist gives him. Why should people be expected to make an effort when they hear "nucular?"

Cache should, as has previously been mentioned, be pronounced to rhyme with ash - this is not a matter of choice. It's from the French verb cacher meaning to hide or conceal.

There seems to be a small but growing trend among talking heads in the news media to seem more intellectual than they actually are, and I suspect that this is where the mispronunciation stems from. There *is* a word used in English which is pronounced "cashay", namely cachet, also taken from the French, but it means a mark of distinction or worthwhile quality. Not a good idea to confuse the two together.