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Black & white

Posted by Teach on January 20, 2000

In Reply to: Black & white posted by Mary on January 20, 2000

: : :
: : : : I read the last contribution and add the words 'unthinking moron" to the list of adjectives in my last contribution.

: : : Amos,

: : : People who describe other contributors as unthinking morons aren't welcome on this bulletin board. If you can't differ with others in a civilised way please go elsewhere.

: : : Gary Martin
: : : Phrase Finder Bulletin Board administrator.

: : If a description is demonstrably accurate, and in this case there is evidence in support, then since the words used were not simply a term of abuse, perhaps you might consider Bob's approach more acceptable. In any case the tension appears to have eased so to come down, with a heavy hand, when the matter is resolved seems inappropriate.

: : Now I guess I'd better stand by for excommunication myself but some things just have to be said.

: I don't think he's an "unthinking moron".
: Your repremand was appropiate. I understood and applaud his efforts in associating colors with feelings not races. Amos, every race, color, religion, gender or age has obstacles and benefits. I keep forgetting that some people of color (not nec. black) say it's a white persons world. Because as a woman( a black woman), my obstacle is that it's a man's world. My freind who is confined to a wheel chair says that its a rampless, walking persons world. If you keep telling people that everyone thinks that the "color" black decribing a feeling has to do with black people, ---they start to beleive you.

Surely this thread is wandering far from the purpose of the forum and the point of the original question. I would judge that Amos needs few lectures, Mary would rather things calmed down, Frankie has reforming zeal, ESC is happy to be out of it and Gary really wishes things didn't wander off down contentious byways. I vote that this be the very, very, last word on the matter and the Forum turns again to it's delightful purpose of exploring the glorious eccentricities of the English language.