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Go forth and multiply

Posted by Barry on January 19, 2000

In Reply to: Go forth and multiply posted by Frankie on January 18, 2000

: : : : Biblical it is:

: : : : Noah's flood----Genesis 6 to 8

: : : : And so it was to be, that after the waters receded, Noah commanded all
: : : : the animals to "Go forth and multiply."

: : : Wow, quick response - thank you.

: : : : The ark quickly emptied, except for two small snakes, who stayed behind.
: : : : When Noah asked them why, they replied, "We can't multiply. We're
: : : : adders."

: : : : Noah, being the resourceful man he was, immediately got busy cutting
: : : : down trees and building a large table with the unfinished lumber
: : : : therefrom.

: : : : And he saw that it was good.

: : : : The snakes were overjoyed when Noah picked them up and placed them on
: : : : it. Noah and the snakes both knew that even adders could multiply on
: : : : a log table.

: : : Ha ha! You are a wordsmith of the highest order (purple belt). I bow to your superior plagarism ;-)

: : Here in London SW1 it has a more profane meaning. To tell someone to 'Go forth and multiply' is to tell them, in a polite way, to '[F-word] off'. It may be considered rude but, there you go, it's widely used hereabouts so I thought you ought to be fully informed.

: Where IN THE WORLD did the english hear the words "Go Forth and Multiply" and decided it to mean (as you say) "Go [F-word] off". I'm curious, are there any OTHER bible quotes that mean (in England) "Go [F-word] off". I'd hate to be at a sermon and realize I'm being told off. How about children's nursery rhymes? Any that mean screw you? (get real)

You may choose to dispute the facts but they remain however your sensibilities are affronted. As to other biblical phrases I made no comment on those. In the case of screw; this generally has no impolite meaning in the UK and merely refers to the action of inserting a screw to affix two pieces of material - usually wood - together. As to sermons; I find it prudent neither to give or receive them. Funny old world eh!