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Lie like a cheap rug

Posted by Miri Barak on March 08, 2003

In Reply to: lie like a cheap rug posted by R. Berg on March 08, 2003

: : The context is:
: : "Women were handing out compliments like candy at a parade, but I took it witha grain of salt - I know women *lie like cheap rugs* when it comes to flattery.

: : What is the exact meaning of this expression,is it - hypocrisy?
: : Thank you
: : Miri

: "Lie like a cheap rug" is a cliché that simply means "lie readily"--tell untruths often and without good reason. It comes from a pun on the word "lie." A cheap rug is thin; it lies flat on the floor.

Thank you very much Berg.
I found the cliche "lie like a rug". is it common to use it also with the word "cheap", or is it something that the writer added?
thank you again, you've been great help