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Right back at you

Posted by Ic on March 06, 2003

In Reply to: Right back at you posted by Dale on February 27, 2003

Thanks everyone. It is clear now. I has actually thanked someone and he said "right back at you "

: I've heard this expression since my childhood in rural midwest America. It just meant "the same to you" and could be polite, nutral or otherwise depending on what was said before. It might be used in response to "Have a good day" or "I'm going to get some dinner" or "Go #*%! your mother!" Right back atcha.

: : : : : Right back at you ---

: : : : As far as I know, it's only a cliché used by radio announcers to mean "Here I am, talking again" (after a break) or "Here I'll be, talking again" (after a break that hasn't happened yet).

: : : It might be from radio, but I think it's now used as a slang term to indicate that you reciprocate something good or bad. Here's an example:(a very silly example)

: : : Jessica Hoggsbottom, was known for good natured approach to nudity. When obese bikers demanded she remove her blouse during the annual festivities at the Harley Davidson Rally in Sturges, South Dakota, she obliged and shouted "Right back at you, dudes." The bikers duly removed theirs, but somehow it just wasn't the same effect.

: : I've heard it in the US used as a reply in the exact way that Ms. Camel describes:

: : "Here's hoping you get lucky tonight." "Right back atcha, dude!"