...with all my heart

Posted by S. on March 06, 2003

In Reply to: ...with all my heart posted by R. Berg on March 06, 2003

: : How did the heart ever get connected to our emotions...after all...its a machine...pumping blood

: Strong emotions often bring bodily responses that cause sensations in the chest, such as heart palpitations. In emotional states, we may change our posture and breathe differently. Some of this is spine, some muscles, and some lungs, but subjectively it can be attributed to heart stuff. I think that's how.

I suspect that precisely because the heart is a blood-pumping machine is it so commonly and intimately associated with the emotions; more specifically, since per-haps the most readily identifiable physiological manifestation of emotional arousal is the increased rate at which the heart pumps blood, the thudding of one's heart and by extension the heart its self is considered the seat of emotions.