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What th' ...

Posted by Nano on February 22, 2003

In Reply to: You gotta have celluloid posted by Bob on February 21, 2003

: : : Maybe it doesn't happen with well-tailored men.

(For what it's worth, I am neither man nor well-tailored.)

: : SHOOTING YOUR CUFFS - 'making a sudden and ostentatious display of one's cuffs.'.

Thanks very much for looking this up, ESC. Since my Jane-Austen-freak sis-in-law asked the question over Xmas, I've been chasing the answer 'round nearly the whole dang 'net.

: Yes, but the gesture is not with the arm. Take your left hand, and, using the thumb and forefinger, pull sharply on your right sleeve to expose the cuff. Repeat on the other side.

Got it!
I guess "shot his cuffs" sounds more testeronic than the more accurate but lame "tugged his cuffs until they showed ostentaciously."

: [This] was, in fact, the first question I asked on this forum some years ago.)

I searched the archives but found it not.
Thanks again to both of you.