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Farbeit - HELP.

Posted by R. Berg on February 22, 2003

In Reply to: Farbeit - HELP. posted by TheFallen on February 20, 2003

: : : : Someone told me this sentence, it is sort of like a proverb. I didnt know who to consult and I dont understand what it means. I hope you can help me, here it goes.
: : : : You have to let the fishes come to you. If you fish around the lake, the fishes wont know where the catch is.
: : : : I think this has to do about guys, im not sure, hope you can help me.

: : : Not a proverb I know, but it seems to be saying that the unskilled hunter charges after potential prey all over the landscape and achieves nothing, whereas the experienced hunter lies in wait, and lets the quarry come to him/her. So, basically, patience is a virtue. Farbeit from me to opine which is a better dating strategy.

: :
: : In the US, this is spelled as 3 separate words: far be it (from). Is this a British spelling, perhaps in the spirit of albeit?

: You know, I honestly don't know. I *think* it is, because it's something I've always done, so I suppose I must have learnt it somewhere way back when. Either that or I've always been utterly and entirely wrong, but it'd be a very strange thing to adopt on a random whim. I think it is British, probably a bit archaic, but allowable - your example of "albeit" giving me heart. There are a few constructions like this that remain in British English, and probably American English too, like nonetheless, notwithstanding annd inasmuch as.

: I'd feel a great deal better if someone with a full version OED could confirm that I haven't lost it entirely.

I'm sure you would. However, the 1st ed. doesn't have it.