French/Mexican Shower

Posted by Bruce Kahl on February 21, 2003

In Reply to: French/Mexican Shower posted by S. Ryan on February 19, 2003

: : My understanding is that "taking a French shower" is slang for applying a heavy dose of perfume or deodorant in lieu of taking an actual shower, while "taking a Mexican shower" is slang for washing what one can in a sink in lieu of taking an actual shower. Am I incorrect on either count? Thanks for any replies.

: : I have heard both of these "showers" referred to as "w h o r e's baths;" however, I do not understand the need or the origin of qualifying either one as "French" or "Mexican." Does anyone understand why or when?

Because some earthlings seem to have this innate need to increase their stature by degrading those around them and sadly defining people in stereotypical and racist ways.