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Bat in the cave

Posted by EB on March 22, 2003

In Reply to: Bat in the cave posted by ESC on March 22, 2003

: : : : 1)Is the dirt in the ear called ear wax?
: : : : 2)How about the dry dirt in the nose? I heard something like blogger.
: : : : 3)How about the liquid in the mouth that we want to spit out? Mucus, phlegm or something else?

: : : : Thanks.

: : : How charming.

: : : 1) Yes, it's called earwax.
: : : 2) There are numerous slang terms, including snot, booger (US) and bogie (UK).
: : : 3) Mucus and especially phlegm would be correct - mucus is a more general term, whereas phlegm is specific to the windpipe and throat. If you're looking for very impolite slang, "hawking up a lugie" will do.

: : How about the all-inclusive "bodily fluids"?

: Several episodes ago, a character on "Sex in the City" told her boyfriend that he had a "bat in the cave." She was telling him that he had a visible booger. (Yucky word.)

The "bat in the cave" is really funny". Thanks.