Posted by ESC on March 20, 2003

In Reply to: execute posted by TheFallen on March 20, 2003

: : Regardless, how a given organization views its digital assets depends on defined policies and strategies and the organization's ability to execute on those strategies.

: : 'execute on those strategies',isn't execute a Vt? or what does it mean here?

: Yes, you're right. "Execute" is a transitive verb, and as such governs a direct object without a supporting preposition - to execute a plan, for example. It means, as you know, to put into effect or carry out.

: Your quotation is a perfect example of jargon English, much loved by big business and politicians, where language is over-complicated in an attempt to make it sound authoritative. The use of the additional "on" in the sentence you give is both redundant, inelegant and strictly incorrect.

I agree that "on" isn't necessary. From Merriam-Webster Online: execute - 1 : to carry out fully : put completely into effect