Canary in a coal mine - 2003 version

Posted by ESC on March 19, 2003

A modern version of the "canary in a coal mine": (Headline) A few good chickens: Marines rely on fowl for early warning of chemical attacks. "WITH THE 1ST MARINE DIVISION, Kuwait, March 18 - In a sandstorm and broiling heat, the 3rd Battalion of the 5th Regiment of the 1st Marine Division headed north toward the Kuwait-Iraq border Tuesday, accompanied by Kung Pao, a chicken. Kung Pao - and a pigeon who serves as his backup - is more sensitive to such weapons than humans, so if the bird inexplicably becomes ill, the troops know they need to don their gas masks quickly. The Marines are taking as few chances as possible about potential chemical or biological warfare..." From MSNBC News online,