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Brown Bag Lunch

Posted by Bob on February 04, 2003

In Reply to: Brown Bag Lunch posted by Bob on February 04, 2003

: : : : What's the meaning of "Brown Bag Lunch"

: : : I'm pretty sure it's a business meeting where every one brings his or her own lunch in a paper bag, as opposed to a meeeting where the company provides the meal.

: : Yes, that's what it means.

: I'd stretch it a little wider. If you bring in lunch (in the requisite brown bag) to eat at your desk (versus going out to a fast-food eating trough) that's a brown-bag lunch, too. ("We're going for pizza. Coming?" "No, I'm brown-bagging it today..")

Upon further reflection, the real distinction is that the lunch is made at home. If you were to go out to a sandwich shop and bring back food to eat while working, that would Not be a BBL, even if it came in a brown bag.