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Who said this?

Posted by TheFallen on February 02, 2003

In Reply to: Who said this>? posted by Bob miller on February 01, 2003

: This could be the wrong forum for my question but I have been knocking myself out trying to find outwhich Brooklyn Eagle (newspaper)editor said " a dogfight in Brooklyn is greater than a revolution in China."
: Can anyone help me???
: thanks

All I can find on this is the following info that alludes to your quotation - and I'm sure you've seen it too:-

Mort Rosenblum in his Coups And Earthquakes made this point powerfully when he told of a veteran American editor at the now-defunct Brooklyn Eagle whose motto was: "A dogfight in Brooklyn is bigger than a revolution in China."

I have no idea if Mr. Rosenblum even mentions the particular editor's name in his book - and there'll have been a fair few to choose from (including Walt Whitman, apparently) over the paper's 114 year lifespan, but perhaps, if nobody else comes up with the answer here, you could find a copy of his "Coups and Earthquakes: Reporting the World for America" somewhere, even though Amazon says it's out of print - it'd probably be your best bet.