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He's full of himself

Posted by R. Berg on January 12, 2003

In Reply to: He's full of himself posted by linclon on January 12, 2003

: Am I right in thinking that the phrase "he's full of himself" means a person who is very opinionated without having much information to go on? Or is there a better way of interpreting what the phrase means? Thanks.

People who are said to be full of themselves are indeed opinionated and are always sure their opinions are The Truth, but I think there's more to the phrase than that. It's easier to describe what a person does that what he or she is. Such people may also talk endlessly about themselves, especially their achievements and connections, and listen poorly, taking little genuine interest in other people. They may be overbearing, issuing orders and giving unsolicited advice. They tend to dominate a group at the expense of other members.
To me, "he's full of himself" means he has a big empty space inside him, which he tries to fill with a false image of himself.