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Air hostesses

Posted by Gary on December 13, 2002

In Reply to: Air hostesses posted by Thomsa Sealy on December 13, 2002

: Having recently moved to Spain,I have begun to learn the language, in a recent lesson my teacher had forgotten the English translation for ´air hostess´ so looked it up in her Spanish/English dictionary, where she was greeted by the translation: lady of the queens wardrobe, air hostess. I have never heard this phrase before I can find no trace of it, and am naturally extremely curious. Any answers, please contact me.

I'd have thought it would be trolé dolé

I believe that The Lady of the Queen's Wardrobe is the name of one of the Queen's retainers. Originally that would have been a real rather than ceremonial post, i.e. sewing/ironing clothes. These days more likely to be hanging out at Windsor and Badminton downing champagne.

As far as I know they don't serve drinks on planes.