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The Swamp?

Posted by ESC on December 13, 2002

Can anyone give me the recipe for this: "Many years ago I traveled to London and the hotel restaurant had this drink called 'The Swamp' and it had Coca Cola in it but I don't know what else. It was the best and oh, it was non-alcoholic."

I'm over making trouble on another site -- the official Trading Spaces bulletin boards. Any thread that's not "on topic" is shut down. No idle chatter about raising children or reading books or anything. Somebody ask for a drink recipe and was shut down. Oh, and there's this cuss word blocker that doesn't work too well. It allows p*ssed but not sophomore as in college sophomore. I'm going to hang around a day or two just to be a pain.

Three cheers for Gary being such a great host/moderator.