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Obsessed with speed

Posted by Woodchuck on December 12, 2002

In Reply to: Obsessed with speed posted by Bruce Kahl on December 12, 2002

: : : : i've been searching all over the internet to try to find the word that means an obsession with speed. if anyone could help me, it'd be great.

: : : : thanks

: : : I don't know of such a word, but you might have some luck with the prefix "tachy-."

: : Good suggestion from Ms. Berg. If you don't want to use an expression like "speed junkie", you might well have to make a word up - tachyomania or tachyophilia spring to mind as legitimate coinages.

: Speedfreak?

Tachy- is used by the medical profession (ex. tachycardia), but the fear of speed is tachophobia so I'd suggest following suit with "tachomania".

I'd stay away from using "tachophilia" as it would indicate a paraphilia. Unless the thrill of putting the pedal to the metal is sexual, mania is the preferred suffix.