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Why with the museums and restaurants

Posted by Bob on December 09, 2002

In Reply to: Why with the museums and restaurants posted by #65332;#65359;#65357; on December 09, 2002

: Hi!

: I'm not quite sure how to interpre the second sentence. What is its subject and verv in its original structure?

: M) This heat is unbearable. If only we'd gone to the beach instead.

: W) Why with the museums and restaurants in Washington, I'd be happy here no matter what the weather.

: Thank you for your help.

: Tom

"Why, with the ..." is colloquial, meaning roughly "Because of the remarkable ..." So the speaker is setting up the condition to explain his noteworthy tolerance of Washington when it's sticky. (Few people, I might add, are so dazzled by Washington, D.C., that they can tolerate life in that swamp in August ... especially Congress, who leave town.)

The contraction "I'd" means "I would," so the subject is "I" and the verb is "would be." Does that help?