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The words 'Brummie' and 'Brummagem'

Posted by Steve Thorne on December 06, 2002

In Reply to: The words 'Brummie' and 'Brummagem' posted by Gary on December 05, 2002

I'm Brummie born and bred too. I'm writing my PhD on attitudes towards our language. Check out the ask oxford site (word from Brummie) and Virtual Brum for some findings from my research. I've also just had published the second edition of a dictionary of Birmingham words and phrases entitled 'Proper Brummie', which I wrote with Carl Chinn. Available from all good book stores in our celestial city. Ta-ra a bit!

: : Has anyone ever come across the words 'Brummie' or 'Brummagem' used to describe anything of poor quality?

: As a native of the celestial city I'm especially sensitive to such taunts, which are widespread in the the UK. More details in