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Posted by 3saintjoan7 on December 05, 2002

In Reply to: Origin of these phrases posted by Bob on November 30, 2002

: : What's the source of "theater of the mind", and "one man's opinion of moonlight"?

: : Thanks!

: Young Girl Blues
: Donovan

: from Mellow Yelow

: It's Saturday night, it feels like a Sunday in some ways.
: If you had any sense you'd maybe go away for a few days.
: Be that as it may, you can only say you are lonely,
: You are but a young girl, working your way through the phonies.

: Coffee on, milk gone, such a sad light in fading,
: Yourself you touch, but not too much, you hear it's degrading.

: The flowers on your stockings wilting away in the midnight,
: The book you are reading is one man's opinion of moonlight.
: Your skin is so white, you'd like maybe to go to bed soon,
: Just closing your eyes, if you're to rise up before noon. (etc.)

I'm amused! I have the Donovan album, and from there was wondering where that phrase came from-many thanks for your time and effort-