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Me Generation

Posted by R. Berg on December 05, 2002

In Reply to: Me Generation posted by ESC on December 05, 2002

: : : : Us-me - I have to translate this term into Hebrew and I would like to know the excat meaning and usage in American life. The context:
: : : : "This narcissistic, us-me culture is slowliy starting to understand that they will have to act as a collective on public health to get the vaccines and trained nurses".
: : : : (Maureen Dowd, New York Times
: : : : and by saying Midtown New York - is it referred to Manhattan?
: : : : My very thanks to you all
: : : : miri

: : : Manhattan is an island and comprises one fifth of New York City. It is a boro, with the other boros being Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx.

: : : People refer to certain areas of Manhattan as being "downtown", "uptown" and "mid-town".

: : : The streets in Manhattan run east and west and are numbererd sequentially from north to south.

: : : So 10th Street is "downtown" while 110th Street is "uptown" and anywhere from the high thirties to the high fifties is called "midtown".

: : : The World Trade Center was located on the island of Manhattan and was way downtown in what is known as the "financial district".

: : Maybe someone else knows us-me.
: : I would just be guessing.

: I'm not familiar with "us-me," just the "me generation." I am away from my library right now. But I did a search about this chart at

"Us-me" isn't common; Maureen Dowd may well have made it up. "This narcissistic, us-me culture" suggests a meaning: "this culture in which people care only about themselves and their own group."