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Not squat

Posted by Karl on December 05, 2002

In Reply to: Squat? hankers down? or what? posted by Leslie on December 05, 2002

"The action I meant is to get your one knee bended almost on the ground, and the other bended knee is higher than the one almost on the ground"

This is 'taking a knee'. You would tell them to "take a knee".

Squatting is crouching with both knees bent, with the butt as center of gravity. One can squat all the way down with the upper legs up against the calfs and the butt just inches from the ground. One can also be described as squatting with the upper legs almost parallel to the ground, perpendicular or close to right angle to the lower leg, altho to me, this is more a crouch and less a squat.

One doesn't "hanker" down, one "hunkers" down. This could be squatting or kneeling or even sitting on one's haunches.

Depending on the age of the students, you might want to just say "Kneel on one knee". Take a knee is a phrase I believe you tend to pick up thru organized sports.