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My eyes, my eyes!

Posted by ESC on November 22, 2002

In Reply to: My eyes, my eyes! posted by Word Camel on November 22, 2002

: : : : Kids Not Buying Corporate Slang
: : : : By Martha Irvine / Associated Press
: : : :
: : : : CHICAGO -- Use a little slang and you've got their attention. That seems to be the growing thought in corporate America and the media, eager to hook the younger crowd.
: : : : Some sportscasters have started describing impressive plays as "sick." Before that, Budweiser ads helped place the greeting "Whassup" in the American lexicon.
: : : : But those are the rare cases that don't draw groans and eye-rolling from the young crowd.

: : : : The rest of the story:

: : :
: : : I'm not buying either. (I *still* can't drink SoBe!)

: : Well, I can't stand the Mexican restaurant ad with the song about eating (wink, wink) a burrito or whatever. It's obscene. Or maybe it's just my dirty mind.

: I'm blind... Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I'll have to sit in front of the TV, pen and paper in hand, and capture the exact wording. I don't want you to miss out.