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In Response to Miriam Bell "Witch's Tit" 10/24/99

Posted by Hal Whittaker on November 21, 2002

While everyone seems to be enamored with the "thermodynamics of thaumaturgic mammaries" I mst say many are not abreast of true origin of this term. It is clearly early 20th Century and emanates from the Mid-Western United States. The term was in original form "Cold as Witches' Tit" which is a town up in the mountains of ( I believe, Montana; it shoulders the border so you may find reference in two states)-the town called Witches' t i t which on the early travel routes was known to reach temperatures in storms, ice, snow and wind of > 20 degrees below zero and because the traveler's reference point for "tue coldness". The bastardizaton of the term to " a..." can be found only in passing reference in the Salem Journals circa 1938, strangly enough around Halloween. 'nuf said!!