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Meaning of the word

Posted by Barney on November 12, 2002

In Reply to: Meaning of the word posted by withnail on November 12, 2002

: : I suppose that I look at some of the supposed origins. It may be that the Japanese borrowed the expression but it seems too wierd that they would pronounce Okane so close to Okay and use the same hand sign.

: : On another topic I think "go-go" comes from Japanese too. As in "go-go girl". In Japanese, "gogo" means "evening" or "PM". Again it just seems to be too much of a coinicidence for them not to be related.

: Are you the bloke out of Bridget Jones diary?

History teaches that the Japanese had a well documented national characteristic for copying just about anything that any other nation manufactured, said or did. We should not be surprised to find western words and sayings woven into the Japanese language.