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English Muffins and Advertsing in the 70's

Posted by Word Camel on November 11, 2002

In Reply to: Nook and cranny OR crook and cranny posted by distraught copyeditor on November 11, 2002

: Which is correct:
: I've searched every nook and cranny.
: OR
: I've searched every crook and cranny.
: ???
: I've seen both.

Jane Taylor, one of the first women involved in television advertising, used the term "nooks and crannies" to describe surface of Thomas's English muffins back in the 70's. She is also responsible for "Oh Fab, I'm glad there's lemon fresh and borax in you" "Have another nutter butter peanut butter sandwich cookie" and "Irish Spring: Manly, yes, but I like it too." Just to name a few.

I don't know if "nooks" and "crannies" were used together prior to this or not. I'm pretty sure though that the advertising slogan had much to do with the popularity of the expression today.

Why do I know this? She is the mother of a friend.

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