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Posted by TheFallen on November 08, 2002

Just in case some of you don't know it, the link below takes you to the Googlefight site, where a not particularly scientific comparison of www "hits" between two words or phrases can be simply carried out.

I give you the results of a few fights I idly initiated, some of which are more encouraging than others.

Wife = 23,900,000 results. Mistress = 2,930,000 results. Winner:- WIFE

Big Mac = 1,580,000 results. Whopper = 65,500 results. Winner:- BIG MAC

Love = 76,800,000 results. Lust = 1,440,000 results. Winner:- LOVE (NB Sex would have won this, but had a hgeadache at the time)

George Bush = 2,180,000 results. Chimpanzee = 117,000 results. Winner:- Your guess is as good as mine.

Have fun.

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