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Alan Walker Read. Wordsmith. RIP

Posted by Gary on November 08, 2002

In Reply to: Alan Walker Read. Wordsmith. RIP posted by James Briggs on November 08, 2002

: Alan Walker Read died on 16th October aged 96. He was the man who, among many other things, traced the first use of 'OK' back to the Boston Morning Post in 1839. His obituary appeared in today's Times. It's available on-line for the next few days. Link below.

I think ESC posted that previously under 'OK guy dies'. In that and previous reports of Walker's work I've never been clear what he actually determined the source of OK to be. To quote from ESC's posting - "Old Kinderhook and oll korrect have long been the first accepted sources for the word." Does anyone know whether he was able to determine which?

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