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Got more money than Ben Gump

Posted by Don Lowery on November 01, 2002

In Reply to: Got more money than Ben Gump posted by ESC on October 23, 2002

: : : My "Slickern Owl Hocky" went so well, I will try one more. Oh, I just added a final response to that one, if you are interested.

: : : No. 2--What is the origin of "Richer than Ben Gump"? Or, if you will, "Richern Ben Gump".

: : I googled "Ben Gump" and came up with several sites. One made reference to "Ben Gump (cartoon character), a small tin cup on his head." Now if we can jump get more information on that. I'm betting that is the source.

: I found the phrase in this form on a couple of sites: got more money than Ben Gump. I am away from my library right now. But I'll do a search this evening. Anybody heard of the cartoon character?

Somebody must know who Ben Gump was?

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