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Money on the hoof.

Posted by Bruce Kahl on October 29, 2002

In Reply to: Money on the hoof. posted by Stan on October 29, 2002

: : : How about "Money on the hoof." I'm guessing in reference to cattle, or possibly even horse racing.

: : Here in the NY area in the financial industry, the telemarketers, aka stockbrokers, will use that term to describe a financial instrument that can be quickly converted to cash without breaking out of a commitment or suffering a big loss or withdrawal penalty.

: Thanks, but what is the origin?

Yeah, I did not give you the origin.

It seems the origin is from the cattle industry.
If someone in the cattle industry needs to raise some quick cash the animals can be sold at the owner's discretion to generate cash and unlike other crops do not have to be harvested when mature.

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