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Posted by TheFallen on October 25, 2002

In Reply to: Go Bobby go posted by ESC on October 25, 2002

: I am right real proud of this West Virginia boy:

: "A Lonely But Eloquent Voice," a column by Marianne Means about U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd's "opposition to new legislative powers authorizing President Bush to wage war against Iraq if diplomacy fails to eliminate that nation's most fearful weapons."

: Sen. Byrd ".waved a copy of the Constitution as he thundered his outrage to a nearly empty chamber. It was a dazzling performance seldom seen these days in an institution dominated by men and women who speak an unstructured lingo whose origins owe more to a television show than to a high school English teacher.

: Byrd quoted the 12th Century Persian poet Omar Khayyam, German Gestapo field marshal Hermann Goering, the Apostle Paul, President James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, the ancient Greek orator Demosthenes and King Charles I of England."

... so presumably spoke entirely over the heads of his audience, most of whom only know the language of media-friendly catchy "soundbites" these days. How telling that the chamber was near deserted, since the issue under discussion is clearly so trivial. Pearls before swine, I suspect.

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