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Like a duck in a noose

Posted by ESC on October 24, 2002

From the Washington Post online article of Oct. 24, 2002, about the sniper investigation:

"'We understand that you communicated with us by calling several different locations,' (Police Chief Charles) Moose said. 'Our inability to talk has been a concern for us, as it has been for you. You have indicated that you want us to do and say certain things. You asked us to say, 'We have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose.'

'We understand that hearing us say this is important to you. However, we want you to know how difficult it has been to understand what you want because you have chosen to use only notes, indirect messages and calls to other jurisdictions.'

The duck reference apparently is drawn from a folk tale in which a boastful rabbit tries to catch a duck in a noose. The duck appears to be caught but flies off, dragging the rabbit along with him. The rabbit then tumbles into a tree stump, where he is stranded."

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