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Seriously, Dick

Posted by Ed Stansell on October 21, 2002

In Reply to: Seriously, Ed. You invented it. posted by Dick Shunery on October 17, 2002

: : : Is usa(d)ge a British spelling? In our unabridged dictionary, I found no alternate spelling for "usage."

: : : I know that we Yanks have our own spelling for some words, stemming from our desire to separate ourselve from the mother country. Perhaps this is one of them.

: : : ES

: : How should we know?

: Look a few inches down the page. See where on October 15, 2002, you were the first known person ever to use the word "usadge"? NOW do you get it?

I was not aware of my typographical error, but I was aware of your pointed remark. To paraphrase Shakespeare, "He speaks poniards."

But, since you are nobody that I should take particular note of, I'll give it no further thought.

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