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Posted by Mia on October 16, 2002

In Reply to: god-awful posted by ESC on October 15, 2002

: : : : : Could someone tell me the origin of [n-word] knocking, or of the [n-word] chaser> thank you

: : : : The now considered offensive [n-word] is a variation of negro (which some people also find offensive), which means black. [N-word] knocking is just alliteration.

: : : [N-word]-knocking is when people in a vehicle stick a board out the window and knock down a black person who is walking along the road. I learned that phrase while reading a biography of Janis Joplin, who grew up in Texas. I guess [n-word] chasing would be along the same lines. Isn't that god-awful.

: : : : : Now, now, reader of the Janis Joplin biography- one might take your "God-awful" as offensive as well. I would think the "devil" would be more appropriate to depict the word awful.

: I stand by my word. It was an abomination. Although I should have put a hyphen in there.

: Main Entry: god-aw·ful
: Pronunciation: gä-'do-f&l
: Function: adjective
: Etymology: goddamned + awful
: Date: 1878
: : extremely unpleasant or disagreeable : ABOMINABLE

: : Yes, I understand, but I still don't like the word and prefer not to use it. Be my guest- stand wherever you want.