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Spitting Image

Posted by David Byatt on October 05, 2002

In Reply to: Spitting Image posted by David Sturdy on September 30, 2002

You've nearly caused the, almost obigitory, punch up at a recent good old east London wedding this week.
There were eleven of us, brothers, sister, cousins, who grew up together. Nine of us remember that it was split image and one said it was spit image and another said spitting image. So, 9 to 2 said it was split. I think the odd two must have had their memories influenced over the years, probably by the television program. After all, we all grew up together and spoke the same language.

I don't think that flying bombs are anything to be nostalgic over though. Luckilly us kids were at school when one landed on a house just over the road. Strangely, it blew out out our front and back windows and also blew all the plaster off the inside wall leaving just the wooden laths. Our Mum was in the back room and was blown to the floor, covered in plaster, shocked but unhurt. They said the lath and plaster wall had stopped most of the glass coming through and she wasn't even scratched.

Happy days ?

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