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Found phrase -- leaning forward

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: LEANING FORWARD - " 'Leaning forward' is one of Donald Rumsfeld's favorite expressions. An old cold-war term, familiar to soldiers and spies, it means the willingness to be aggressive, to take risks. 'I want every one of you to know how forward-leaning we are,' the secretary of Defense told a room full of Marine generals and Navy admirals." Newsweek, Sept. 16, 2002.

Lean forward in the saddle v phr Army by 1970s To be eager and anxious; = be RARING TO GO
From _Dictionary of American Slang, Third Edition_ by Robert L. Chapman
"It's the difference between what is often called the 'lean forward' experience of the PC, versus the 'lean back' experience of television."
--Mitchell Kertzmann (interviewee), "The Nightly Business Report," National Public Radio, November 30, 2000