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English equivalent?

Posted by R. Berg on September 25, 2002

In Reply to: an appropriate English proverb? posted by Less on September 24, 2002

: : What does the Chinese proverb say?

: : : Hello,
: : : I am wondering if there's an English proverb that can describe the following situation I want to express--there are many difficulties or problems that I have to deal with. But no matter what they are, big or small, I always have my ways to solve them. I don't worry about them. In fact, I was thinking of a Chinese proverb the other day, which made me curious to know if there's an English parallel to the Chinese one. If there's no English proverb to describe the above, could you think of any idioms? Thank you for your help.

: The Chinese proverb goes like this: (I try to translate it literally) When the soldiers come, the general will fight back; When the flood comes, the earth(mud) will cover it. Hope it answers Amorel's question.

I haven't thought of an English proverb that's used the same way. English has an idiom, though, "rise to the occasion," which means "find a way to meet (overcome) a new challenge."

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