Found phrase - Magic Negro

Posted by ESC on September 18, 2002

MAGIC NEGRO - "The stereotypical Southerner racist today is as much an invention of Hollywood as is the 'Magic Negro,' as Boston culture critic Renee Graham calls the modern archetypal loyal black servant (think Will Smith in 'The Legend of Bagger Vance') who is endowed with heavenly insights that he uses to guide and morally redeem whitey. Which is not to say the South isn't home to any racists.I don't know Eunice Stone, but I've known plenty of Eunice Stones, and their authentic stereotype tends more towards hugs and home-cooked meals for strangers, even 'furners,' than suspicion." From a column about a woman who reported overhearing a conversation by three Middle Eastern men that led her to believe they were terrorists. Louisville Courier Journal, Sept. 18, 2002.