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Gnawing me, gnawing you.... aha

Posted by TheFallen on August 12, 2002

In Reply to: Dig in the Dancing Queen??? posted by Elena on August 12, 2002

: Could anybody help me, a mere Russian female who wants to find out the strict meaning of the famous phrase "DIG IN the Dancing Queen" (by ABBA)?
: "See that girl, watch the scene, dig in the Dancing Queen"

: As I found out "to dig in" can mean "to start eating or eat heartily". I can not understand.

: Help me please!!

Excellent question. The thought that Agnetha and Annifrijd might be musically inciting their listeners to start chomping on disco divas makes me grin. I've not been able to prove this by finding an official and guaranteed website of ABBA lyrics, but my guess is that the song line actually reads "See that girl, watch that scene... diggin' the dancing queen". So, rather than "dig in" which you rightly point out can mean to start eating heartily, "diggin'" is a typically elided form of "digging" in the old-fashioned (jazz?) sense, meaning liking, appreciating or enjoying. Example:- "They really dig our music and, daddy, I dig swinging for them" (Louis Armstrong).

That's my guess, but your original interpretation is much more fun.

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