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One more thought

Posted by Heath on August 28, 2002

In Reply to: One more thought posted by Word Camel on August 12, 2002

Well, Agnetha, Anna-freid, Benny, and Bjorn's shaky use of the English language and historically bizarre lyrics would actually make the "dig in" theory plausible; however, I have it on good authority -- the sheet music -- that it is indeed "diggin' the dancing queen."

The phrase is "watch that scene diggin' the dancing queen." The pause is not in fact a comma, but a breathy nod to the rhythm of the song. The pop quartet is using the term "scene" in the 70s sense, of "a crowd or group." As in, "they are his scene."

The weird pause breaking the construction is not surprising. Since their grasp of English was so lacking, they would insert odd little pauses and weird translations to their hearts content and get away with it. I mean, sheesh, have you ever really listened to Super Trouper's lyrics? REALLY WEIRD.

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