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"off the snide"

Posted by Bob on September 04, 2002

In Reply to: "Off the snide" posted by Bob on September 04, 2002

: : Lately, I hear the expression, "he's really gotten off the snide" (particularly in the sports world) Anyboby got a clue about this origin and meaning?? Thanks Guy

: We've had a recent discussion of this which you can find by typing "schneid" in the Search box. "Off the snide" is a variant of schneid, and schneider, both terms from gin rummy (and later, other card games) where one side has failed to score for an extended period. Stakes at gin rummy escalate if you schneider your opponent, that is, reach a winning score to their 0.
In some games, if an opponent gets off the snide, the other team (seeing less reward coming) will often say "the sugar is gone."

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