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Posted by David Webb on September 01, 2002

In Reply to: Nicodemously posted by ESC on September 01, 2002

Below are the eleven instances of use obtained from Google. It appears to consistently mean "pursuing one's own agenda", apart from the final quote. This meaning of the word could be related to a "secret adherent" as the OED suggests but I wonder why it has gained currency in Africa and nowhere else. In addition, why are there not more instances of its use in Africa? The quotes suggest it is a common word likely to be understood by readers.
Quotes from Google:
We are therefore shocked that the illegitimate Zanu PF government has Nicodemously decided to give Muringani the Chegutu mayoral mansion.

They know very well that we give aid to the needy yet they come to us Nicodemously and ask us what criteria we are using.

Chinamasa had nicodemously brought back onto the order paper the General Laws Amendment Bill, thrown out by Parliament on Tuesday.

While the vast majority of Ghanaians were being pressed at the grinding edge of poverty, it was revealed that Jerry John Rawlings, through the instrumentality of Richard Kwame Peprah, his Finance Minister, had gone ahead and "nicodemously" bought himself his prized toy - a luxury Gulfstream Executive Jet - with the people's money.

In those days when the Babangida regime nicodemously dragged Nigeria into the Organisation of Islamic Conference ( OIC), or the Islamic Conference Organisation (I C O) there was hullaballoo in Obodo Nigeria.

For Victor to Nicodemously send a letter like that to the FORUM has exposed him as a veritable enemy of press freedom and free expression.

Sometimes the invitation to intervene is public and unashamed, at other times it is made nicodemously and surreptitiously.

They chose to do it Nicodemously, meaning that they had an agenda to pursue.

Indeed, some of Bro Gerard's very same detractors had nicodemously asked him at some time or other for a job, either for themselves or "a relative".

The Palaver alleges that the executive, 'nicodemously' kept silence over the letter which is believed to be the brain-work of Alhaji Inusah.

I am pledging to give "Nicodemously" Remember the story of Nicodemeus and the "Sower who went out to sow" that Osofo Nyarko use to tell us? Please Let us all give generously!!!

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