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Think of England (orig. posted June 2002)

Posted by (Various posters--RB) on August 10, 2002

Posted by R. Berg on June 27, 2002

In Reply to: Think of England posted by joel on June 27, 2002

: : : Hello,
: : : I know this idiom refers to sex in a humorous way. Does anyone know its origin? Why is England referred to? Thanks.

: : Queen Victoria supposedly gave her daughter this advice regarding the daughter's wedding night, "Close your eyes and think of England." I don't have a source and I strongly suspect the story is bogus.

: Our friends in the U.K will probably come up with the true origin. But in anticipation and hope thereof, I'll add my bit.

: I've heard that this was simply the advice given to those British-born colonists, governors, and military people (and especially the wives) who endured very un-British conditions in distant regions (like India) that were fundamentally different in climate, geography, culture, material development, and general ethnic composition.

: If this is the actual origin or explanation, then what you have put forward, ESC, might be a play on the actual meaning of the phrase, a sort of latter-day joke or send-up.


The way I heard it, a woman, not necessarily Victoria, told her daughter to close her eyes and think of the FUTURE of England. She was advising the bride that sex was necessary if there was to be a next generation. This version argues for a setting in the homeland rather than the colonies.

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