Posted by Woodchuck on August 27, 2002

In Reply to: Tick-a-lock posted by J. Harrod on August 27, 2002

: I am wondering if anyone knows the origin of the expression "tick-a-lock"? Sometimes it is accomapanied by a hand gesture of a hand turning an invisible "key" near the lips, and means.. "I'll never tell' or something like that. I get the "lock' part, but why "tick"? (T.V. reference: I've heard many of the denizens of MAyberry use it, as well as Archie Bunker.)

: Thanks!

: J

On _All In The Family_, it was Edith's way of saying "shut your mouth" or "I'll keep my mouth shut". I don't recall the context on _The Andy Griffith Show_.

I assume you've never encountered the old-fashioned locks mounted on a plate below the doorknob? There's a definite tick or click when the lock sets into place. I miss that. It was a very reassuring sound.